Our Business


Providing a wide range of solutions from chemicals to machinery, equipment, and packaging materials.

Information & Electronics

Commitment to expanding IoT business.

Dyes & Weaving

Providing customers optimal support at key locations around the world.

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Bringing fresh and safe food to dining tables from around the world

From ideas to shipment, delivering customer satisfaction through strict quality control.

We plan, develop, import, and ship processed seafood, deli foods, and agricultural products, customized to customer needs.

In order to provide fresh and safe products, we strive to maintain strict quality control by collaborating with our overseas/domestic processing partners and suppliers, and by closely monitoring the manufacturing processes.
We are constantly working to find products grown across the globe to satisfy our customers’ stringent quality standards. This is made possible thanks to Inabata Group’s worldwide network.

Consumers are increasingly becoming conscious about food safety in recent years. Customer demand is diversifying and we need to stand out among our competitors.

We are committed to develop, import, and supply products for even greater satisfaction, which we believe are made possible through intense communication with our customers.

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